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Self Education

Jun 21, 2023

I am an advocate for self-education. I was never that guy who was made for traditional school. However, I do think that school has its place. Teaching in institutions–apart from specifics like counseling, or being a doctor or a dentist–is pretty broad.

I think the social aspect and showing up on time is very important, along with other things. As the world changes so quickly, self-education gets more and more important. You must ask yourself, what do I want to learn? Who do I want to be? 

Once you have answered those questions, then see who is doing it well and learn from them. You also have the opportunity to make things better and be innovative. 

I am currently learning about real estate and stocks. There’s so much information out there that it can be overwhelming sometimes. But I get the opportunity to soak up information from people who look like me and talk like me. This concept has been a game changer. 

This is why a guy named Wall Street Trapper can teach me about stocks. He was a former inmate who, upon his release, started applying the principles he learned. He has taught me many concepts, from understanding graphs, growth stocks, value stocks, ETF stocks, and so much more.

I believe so much in self-knowledge that I purposely made my podcast short segments. The reason for this is because of the way I learned. I personally tap out after 30 minutes, and it’s hard for me to retain information past that point. My goal is to connect with people who learn like me. Remember, as you learn, give back.