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Henry C. Murphy, a native of Savannah, is a seasoned entrepreneur, brand strategist, and an accomplished goal achiever. He firmly believes that true success extends beyond financial prosperity, encompassing family, health, and the legacy we leave behind.

With a background in restaurant management and experience running multiple establishments, Henry’s journey led him to become the CEO of various successful ventures, including Unapologetic Urban Gear┬«, Inapplicablegetic Active┬«, God Bless The Entrepreneur┬«, Murphy Madison Publishing, and more. His entrepreneurial path began with Z180Radio and expanded to include the creation and sale of Rep da King Mag and several other enterprises.

Henry thrives on being intricately involved in every facet of a brand, ensuring its growth and success. His company’s prosperity is a testament to his dedication. Whether through his inspirational social media presence, empowering coaching sessions for interns, or innovative printing projects and designs from his Atlanta-based distribution center, Sweatshop ATL, Henry approaches his work with love and unwavering enthusiasm. He takes pride in his meticulous decision-making, handpicking a dynamic team and consistently serving men, women, and children who appreciate his products and services.

As a man of faith, Henry understands the importance of promoting excellence, integrity, and consistency in all that he undertakes. His true passion lies in motivating and inspiring others to achieve their goals. He serves as a coach, an emerging author, and a podcaster, dedicated to uplifting and guiding individuals on their journeys to success.