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Savannah native Henry C. Murphy is a serial entrepreneurbrand strategist, and goal executioner. Driven by creativity, the multi-hyphenated businessowner recognizes that success isnt defined by money, but by family, health, and longevity.

His previous experience as a two-time, high-grossing restaurant manager has prepared him for success as the CEO of Unapologetic Urban Gear, a premier faith-based clothing line for the young, fly, and fresh. Its motto isWe dont dim our light to fit in. We have been set apart for a purpose. As a selfproclaimed lover ofashion and hip hop, it was a no-brainer that his brand also reflects his lifestyle, upbringing, and culture. When merged, success was inevitable and Unapologetic Urban Gear has quickly become a household name, as seen in magazines, on the backs of celebrities, and featured on world tours.

“I love being involved in every aspect of a brand [and] overseeing it so that it bears fruit,Murphy says, and its easy to see why his company is so well-off. From the inspiring words he delivers on social media, to the empowering coaching sessions he offers interns, to the innovativeprinting projects and designs he delivers through his Atlanta-based distribution center, Sweatshop ATL, Henry operates in love and with undeniable vigor. He also takes pride in his sounddecision-making, from handpicking the dynamic team behind his business, to catering to the menwomen and children consumers who enjoy his products and servicesHenry recognizes that, as a man of God, he must promote excellence, integrity, and consistency with all that his handstouch.

 He and wife, Kaleathia, have built a legacy for not only their family, but for those who understand how hard work, faith, and success go hand-in-hand to reach a common goal.