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My life before entrepreneurship

Jun 16, 2022

Before I became an entrepreneur, I was in restaurant management for 20 years. I had a meager salary of about 60,000; more if I received any bonuses. Yet, my restaurant made close to a million a year. The fact that I was running a million dollar restaurant should have showed me my potential. But I had doubts.

I believe it was due to not graduating from high school. Eventually, I did obtain my GED (General Education Diploma). I think I was plagued by believing, I could never own my own business. Because I lacked education; which made me feel that I was unqualified.  

 Then, I stumbled onto two amazing words . . . “Specialized Knowledge”.  Basically, you can concentrate your focus on exactly what you are trying to do and be an expert at it.

This is what entrepreneurship is to me. It’s becoming an expert in your field, putting the time and dedication in, owning your own time, doubling sales until you can afford employees and then more locations (expansion) if you desire. . . .

 pWhoever reads this, don’t let anything deter you. All Glory to God.