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Faith has me taking risk in business

Jun 26, 2022

I have had this goal for years to do one major conference  (with 10,000 or more people), every month, as a brand. We have two under our belt and a third one became available, but I was hesitant to do it because the upfront cost was $3,000 to $4,000.  (Conference Cost + Travel + Shipping a pallet of tees).  

I had to remind myself of two things: “RISK” and “LEGACY.” Every business I have ever owned was birthed through faith and risk. I knew with all my heart that if I don’t take risks like these now then there won’t be a legacy to leave. 

But, if I plant the roots now, my granddaughter, Arie, can pitch her new designs and ideas in the future to 20,000 people at one time at this very same conference. Thank God for enlarging our territory and us, as a brand, for having the faith to step out!