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Jun 9, 2022

Arie (my granddaughter) allowed me to look beyond myself. It wasn’t until she was born, that I started thinking about my Legacy. My focus was always on building something unique, but not necessarily past my life time. 

I had real goals and ambitions before her, but now they are more centered. My wife and I had kids quite early, thus when I started my entrepreneurial journey, my kids were pretty much grown. 

One of my favorite Entrepreneurs is Sam Walton. I loved his grind and commitment to his vision, he was all a about customer service. In my opinion, his kids almost destroyed his legacy because of their lack of customer service. I think that’s partly due to them not being apart of the day to day grind. 

Arie is 4 years old right now. and I want her to see everything that goes on, I want her to grow up in it and appreciate the hard work that comes with entrepreneurship. And having her to see and witness the sacrifice it takes, the failures and how to push pass them, in order to succeed.