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Keep Putting Up Shots

Jul 18, 2023

My dad taught me how to play basketball at a young age. He started me out with this  game called “ around the world”. The object of this game was to be able to shoot the basketball from anywhere on the basketball court.

You start out on the outside of the cylinder of the rim. You only get to move to the next spot if you hit the shot. By the time you were finished with one game, you may have been on that court for over two hours. There were some days that I might have put up over 500 shots. 

This is my approach to life and entrepreneurship. Sometimes the deterring factor of making that shot was my arch, sometimes it was the position of  my feet. The more I played the more I  had to tweak my shot. But I got better and better. 

This is the takeaway, go all in with what you are doing. Take your time, pivot when you have to. But keep putting up shots.