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Dream Killers

Jul 12, 2023

can’t begin to express to you the importance of surrounding yourself with solid people. Solomon said, “Surround yourself, my wise counsel.” Negative energy is such a poison.

Have you ever truly watched a creator create? There are times I walk in on my barber when he is not talking, and I watch him when he is cutting someone’s hair. You can see the love and passion in his eyes, and his work shows it. One day, I heard him talk about things that he wanted to do as a barber–goals that I have never seen anyone dream of. As soon as the words left his mouth, you could feel the tension in the air. There was a discussion towards him because of his ambition and it was automatically clouded with negative energy.

We never talked about it, but I witnessed it. Months later, my barber got his own suite. He had obviously had enough of the negative energy at the barbershop. Some of the things that he was talking about, like selling his own products, showed up in the suite. I was super excited for him. He also talked about things as an entrepreneur, like charging premium prices for a haircut. At first, I thought, “Hold on now, this involves me.” 

The crazy thing is, no one can deny his work or his respect of time. I have yet to see anyone stay on schedule like he does, week in and week out. I happily pay $45 for haircuts every single week. I believe that this subject would be a great chapter for a book because I can go on and on about keeping dream killers out of your circle. Let me end like this: be conscious of the people you keep around you.