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He was 19

Sep 7, 2022

Most 19-year-olds that you see are so immersed in their phones that they barely come up for air. This young dude was different. He had tats and big earrings in his ear. He heard me talking to a colleague, and after our conversation, he engaged me. 

He said that he had just graduated high school and had the opportunity to work in his family construction business and make good money. He went on to say that he could easily be comfortable. 

The next thing he said got my attention even more. He said, “I’d rather take risk now.”

 He said he wanted to get into clothing and podcasting.  I told him that’s what I did, and I loved it and began to encourage him. He listened to me intently, as he grabbed tees and folded them coming off the dryer.

He looked at me and asked, “Are you a religious man? If not, no worries. But I believe that we should honor God.” 

I was impressed by his words and was delighted to see God still at work. He left me with this: “I don’t think people’s paths cross for nothing.”