Author: Henry Murphy

My struggle with prayer

What a strange thing for a believer to say, right? I admit that prayer has always been hard for me and at best, I probably would have a good five minutes in me. 

I am naturally rebellious in nature. I just added prayer to the list. My heart has slowly been changing to the concept of prayer.

I have been continuously reading the gospels for a few months now and I found out how, when you read them like that, you get so much more. You begin to comprehend and pick up on things that you’ve never seen before.

Now, we all know that Jesus pulled away to pray to the Father. I never quite realized how much though. The very fact that the Son of Man had to pull away to pray began to soften my heart. 

The ultimate sacrifice was before He went to the cross and began to pray for the believers–those “in the now” and those to come in the future. I realize that prayer is not a choice but a duty. The more we abide in Him, the more He reveals Himself to us. 

I’ll leave you with two things today. The prayer of the righteous avails much, and God doesn’t hear the prayer of the sinner. If these two things are true, our duty is clear. 

He was 19

Most 19-year-olds that you see are so immersed in their phones that they barely come up for air. This young dude was different. He had tats and big earrings in his ear. He heard me talking to a colleague, and after our conversation, he engaged me. 

He said that he had just graduated high school and had the opportunity to work in his family construction business and make good money. He went on to say that he could easily be comfortable. 

The next thing he said got my attention even more. He said, “I’d rather take risk now.”

 He said he wanted to get into clothing and podcasting.  I told him that’s what I did, and I loved it and began to encourage him. He listened to me intently, as he grabbed tees and folded them coming off the dryer.

He looked at me and asked, “Are you a religious man? If not, no worries. But I believe that we should honor God.” 

I was impressed by his words and was delighted to see God still at work. He left me with this: “I don’t think people’s paths cross for nothing.” 

Life is pointless without God

Most of us are dreamers from an early age. We have this big idea of what we want to become. Dreaming is good because it takes faith to dream.  Dreams give us purpose. 

Those of us who are people of faith understand that purpose comes from God. What’s the point of a master plan without the Master? How can we pursue a dream without the Dream Giver?

My hope is that we seek Him so that the work of our hands won’t be in vain.


Faith has me taking risk in business

I have had this goal for years to do one major conference  (with 10,000 or more people), every month, as a brand. We have two under our belt and a third one became available, but I was hesitant to do it because the upfront cost was $3,000 to $4,000.  (Conference Cost + Travel + Shipping a pallet of tees).  

I had to remind myself of two things: “RISK” and “LEGACY.” Every business I have ever owned was birthed through faith and risk. I knew with all my heart that if I don’t take risks like these now then there won’t be a legacy to leave. 

But, if I plant the roots now, my granddaughter, Arie, can pitch her new designs and ideas in the future to 20,000 people at one time at this very same conference. Thank God for enlarging our territory and us, as a brand, for having the faith to step out!

Sacrafice your time to get the life you desire

It was ultimately God’s timing for me when I left my job because I wholeheartedly believed in His sovereignty and timing. Something happened way before then though; I had to develop a serious work ethic. I had to be willing to sacrifice sleep, and lots of it, and still be effective at my day job. I had to put a plan in place to work just as hard on my job in the day and my future at night. 

When I look back, I realize it wasn’t about God just providing; it was about me doing my part, day in and day out. He already knew that when I became a business owner, I would have no overseer and my work ethic had to be on point. Nothing happens without sacrifice. The key to it all is TIME MANAGEMENT!

It starts with gratefulness

The Lord saved me from my sins about 12 years ago. I will never forget the events leading up to it, and the actual day He captured me. I was always in proximity of shootings, and eventually, my car was shot up with me and my son in it, and then weeks later, my wife put me out of the house. It just seemed like near-death experiences kept following me. 

I was about 10 blunts in, one night, when I found myself on the floor, reading the Bible, and crying out to God. You really become a new person when He changes you. Things don’t look the same and you have no desire to do the same things. Music was my biggest struggle and I loved it so much. But I needed good music that was not glorifying the sins that I had just been saved from. I needed more!

I came across Christian artists, Emanuel Lambert, better known as Da Truth, and Flame. Their music impacted me and changed my life forever. I never imagined the Lord would allow me to have a publication, ten years later. If I never do anything else, the fact that I had the honor to put those two dudes on a cover(Rep Da King Mag), is more than enough. This has all been apart of my journey and I am grateful.

Focus on the wins

If you own a business then that is a privilege, I would even say a honor.  If you are a owner then you know that it comes with its challenges and sometimes you win and sometimes you don’t. 

I go out to events probably every weekend. We have been in business for a while so we are pretty established. I can go to a conference and sell a 1,000 tees one day and then turn around and sell ten tees at the next.  I used to look at it as a failure and I would be so disappointed when that happened but I had to start looking at things differently. I mean, if I’m honest there were times when we went places and never sold anything. 

When you start viewing the journey differently then you develop the “lemons to lemonade” effect. I started printing cards with promo codes for first time visitors to the site and I used those cards to engage people differently. My hope was if they never heard of us before, they would seen our presentation, they felt our tees and they took home a card with them. I don’t just win sometimes with this approach, I win all the time. Winning is a mindset. 


Trusting God as an entrepreneur

I never understood how much I trusted God in life, but in the area of finances specifically, until I became an Entrepreneur.

 People fear entrepreneurship, because of the unknown and I get that part. I use to think that because I had a job that I had security and stability, but I soon realized that God was the provider and not a job.

 I have no education and no accolades. I BRING NOTHING TO THE TABLE! I have no idea, why he allows me to do what I do, giving me the Divine Godly wisdom to do it.

 It has been about 8 years of trusting God full time, on this entrepreneurial journey and although the pressure weighs heavy at times and the risk is always high, I still can’t imaginemyself living no other way.

 My intentions are, to blog Monday – Thursday and eventually do a YouTube video on Fridays.


Balance in business

Sometimes people don’t like to talk about Balance in Business, but it is important. First, I would say do what you do; because you love it. The fact that you love it, will sustain you during difficult times.

 For instance, I love touring. It’s fun and exciting. I get to meet new people, establish new connections, explore new cities, and grow the brand. Overall, it’s a privilege and an honor to travel.

The other side of touring is that, it’s nonstop, it tears the body down, being away from family, and it’s challenging to maintain a healthy diet. For example, a tour day go like this: travel through the night, get to the city, check into hotel, go to venue, set up, work all day, break down, eat, hotel and back on the road again to the next city.Fun, but difficult. There are two sides to every element in Business. 

The perspective of time

What I am about to say hit me hard when I read it because where I come from, we rarely see our 20’s. Most of us grow up thinking that we have to accomplish things fast and early. Im realizing now that the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s are the marinating years. It’s a lot of learning and making mistakes in those seasons, especially with money. 

Men that are in business really don’t make their mark until their late 40’s and 50’s and depending on how they took care of themselves with health, they still have a whole lot of living to do.  If you are young and reading this, you life is not worthless because you are not at a certain level of success yet, if you are older in your mid 40’s or beyond then make plans to get started because you have a lot of life left in you. 

I would say don’t rush but don’t be a procrastinator either, business is hard work and you have to put the time in. I didn’t get started to 38 myself and I have made my share of mistakes in the last 6 years but I’m correcting them as a go. 


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