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All I knew was hustle

Sep 20, 2023

The culture never taught me to rest. Matter fact, if you wasn’t busy moving you was lazy where I was from. I kept that mentality when I got into business. I felt like I had something to prove to myself, because there was some seasons in my life when I had no ambition at all. 

I was about seven years into business and I rarely slowed down. Unless, my body made me. I put myself in the hospital a few times not listening to my body. I always read about the sabbath in the Bible,but I actually took it as optional. I never understood it was a command. The sabbath is a command for good reason, a day to slow down and rest and fellowship with God. 

I convinced my daughter to come to an event with me in Sarasota, Florida after getting my appendix removed. Normally for a quick turnaround like this I would work the event by myself. I maybe would hire someone from the area that I was going to. However, the doctor told me not to lift anything over 10 pounds. Every container of clothing was at least 45 pounds,so my hope was dwindling as he spoke. Literally, as he was talking, I was thinking of a method that I could use to get the clothing onto the cart and still make this work.

I figured out a system and then I got my daughter to move some of the heavier things. She was in the army and fit, so I figured she could handle it. We went to the event and we did well. A friend of mine, who was an artist at the event, I went to visit him in the green room. He told me that he haven’t seen too many people who hustle like I did. He was giving me props for that, but also rebuked me in the same conversation. He just left Jerusalem, and he got a better understanding of the Sabbath. He gave me a new perspective that I have ever heard. He made me consider truly resting on the sabbath. 

I left there with the intention of starting doing the Sabbath. It really took me some years to implement this. If you are reading this, I hope that it doesn’t take you years to do what is necessary. It’s good for your life spiritually, and for your health. God never intended us to work nonstop. As of the  writing of this blog, I have been consistent for almost 18 months now. I want to encourage you to find a day to rest and recharge.