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A Humble Story: The Street Performer

Jun 5, 2023

It was this guy who was a street performer. He had dreams to do big things in life. He submitted his artistry to God and trusted him to provide. The more he showed up the more people came out to see him. His talent was something to be admired.

As his popularity grew, his influence grew and so did his team. Promoters started booking him across the country, and he was selling out shows. He use to seek God about every decision, but that behavior started to fade. He started taking opinions from the experts in the industry.

He started to talk about his big plans. He would say” I’m going to do this and do that and we will run the numbers up””! He was immediately convicted and remembered this scripture. If God’s will, we would do this or do that. He remembered
his life was a vapor and every breath is the grace of God.

He repented! Humility is not natural for us and we have to be intentional about being humble.