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We Going Live

Jan 18, 2024

Lately, I’ve been immersing myself in new skill sets that have pushed me to become a version of myself I hadn’t envisioned. It’s remarkable what unfolds when you commit to the process. I’ll admit, I initially resisted these changes, especially when it came to a particular skill set I’m diving into. While I won’t divulge all the details today, a significant portion involves public speaking—a realm that has always stirred a sense of fear within me.

Despite having been on stages as an artist and enjoying interactions with people, the fear of public speaking lingered. It was during a conversation with my friend Jay that he dropped a gem of wisdom: “Do it scared.” Those words resonated profoundly, becoming my mantra whenever self-doubt crept in. So, even when my mindset whispered that I couldn’t do it, my response became a resolute “We’re going to do it, even if we have to do it scared.”

This fear of public speaking extended to the realm of going live on social media. In a coaching session with a client, her social media manager suggested going live, and I echoed the sentiment. However, post-meeting, I felt a sense of conviction—why hadn’t I been doing this myself for years? Taking swift action upon conviction is crucial. I promptly added going live to my weekly schedule and, without delay, went live the other day.

As I navigated this new skill set, I found that once I started talking, the camera faded away, leaving only the words and the connection. Going live on various platforms—YouTube, Facebook, Instagram—became a practice ground, not just for comfort but for the potential impact a chosen topic might have on someone on the other end.

This approach serves a dual purpose: honing my ability to speak live and potentially offering insights that resonate with viewers. If you follow me on social media, brace yourself for more live sessions. I’ve resolved that if I’m going to do it, I’ll do it, even if it means doing it scared. The journey of embracing fear is an exploration of untapped potentials and a commitment to growth.