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Trust God Trust the Process Pt. 2

Dec 7, 2022

Sales continued to decrease and pretty soon, we had to start cutting staff. I asked myself, “What is happening? Am I not doing enough? What more can I do?” I even told myself, “Henry, you have to go harder.”

At that point, we brought on a new marketing company. They were pricey, but after calculating the risk, we decided to move forward. 

I also decided to sell my truck because I hadn’t driven in six months and the doctor told me I would never drive again. My plan was to use the money for capital. So, I sold the truck for $20,000 and made a $3,000 profit. 

I still felt like money was running away from me. I was encouraged, though, because at least the marketing firm was working and we had a shirt code to text to our 10,000+ subscribers. Somehow, some way, the funds had to come through, right?

Even with the new code that delivered our messages in minutes, we were coming up short. What was happening? There was nothing more for me to do except, “Trust God and trust the process!”