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Sacrafice your time to get the life you desire

It was ultimately God’s timing for me when I left my job because I wholeheartedly believed in His sovereignty and timing. Something happened way before then though; I had to develop a serious work ethic. I had to be willing to sacrifice sleep, and lots of it, and still be effective at my day job. I had to put a plan in place to work just as hard on my job in the day and my future at night. 

When I look back, I realize it wasn’t about God just providing; it was about me doing my part, day in and day out. He already knew that when I became a business owner, I would have no overseer and my work ethic had to be on point. Nothing happens without sacrifice. The key to it all is TIME MANAGEMENT!

The perspective of time

What I am about to say hit me hard when I read it because where I come from, we rarely see our 20’s. Most of us grow up thinking that we have to accomplish things fast and early. Im realizing now that the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s are the marinating years. It’s a lot of learning and making mistakes in those seasons, especially with money. 

Men that are in business really don’t make their mark until their late 40’s and 50’s and depending on how they took care of themselves with health, they still have a whole lot of living to do.  If you are young and reading this, you life is not worthless because you are not at a certain level of success yet, if you are older in your mid 40’s or beyond then make plans to get started because you have a lot of life left in you. 

I would say don’t rush but don’t be a procrastinator either, business is hard work and you have to put the time in. I didn’t get started to 38 myself and I have made my share of mistakes in the last 6 years but I’m correcting them as a go.