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Trusting God as an entrepreneur

I never understood how much I trusted God in life, but in the area of finances specifically, until I became an Entrepreneur.

 People fear entrepreneurship, because of the unknown and I get that part. I use to think that because I had a job that I had security and stability, but I soon realized that God was the provider and not a job.

 I have no education and no accolades. I BRING NOTHING TO THE TABLE! I have no idea, why he allows me to do what I do, giving me the Divine Godly wisdom to do it.

 It has been about 8 years of trusting God full time, on this entrepreneurial journey and although the pressure weighs heavy at times and the risk is always high, I still can’t imaginemyself living no other way.

 My intentions are, to blog Monday – Thursday and eventually do a YouTube video on Fridays.