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Tag: Grace


The Lord saved me from my sins about 12 years ago. I will never forget the events leading up to it, and the actual day He captured me. I was always in proximity of shootings, and eventually, my car was shot up with me and my son in it, and then weeks later, my wife put me out of the house. It just seemed like near-death experiences kept following me. 
I was about 10 blunts in, one night, when I found myself on the floor, reading the Bible, and crying out to God. You really become a new person when He changes you. Things don’t look the same and you have no desire to do the same things. Music was my biggest struggle and I loved it so much. But I needed good music that was not glorifying the sins that I had just been saved from. I needed more!
I came across Christian artists, Emanuel Lambert, better known as Da Truth, and Flame. Their music impacted me and changed my life forever. I never imagined the Lord would allow me to have a publication, ten years later. If I never do anything else, the fact that I had the honor to put those two dudes on a cover, is more than enough.