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I absolutely love the word yet. Yet gives hope, yet tells me it’s possible. You have to be able to see it before it manifest. Imagination is important because if you can imagine it, it’s in your grasp.

I look at my goals and I know that if God gives me the grace to live, they will happen. Here is my thinking. Their are business’ I haven’t created yet . Their is real estate development I haven’t purchased yet. Their is design deals I haven’t made yet. Their are books I have written and published yet .

Keep your dreams in front of you and move towards them in faith. Plan and execute.


Sacrafice your time to get the life you desire

It was ultimately God’s timing for me when I left my job because I wholeheartedly believed in His sovereignty and timing. Something happened way before then though; I had to develop a serious work ethic. I had to be willing to sacrifice sleep, and lots of it, and still be effective at my day job. I had to put a plan in place to work just as hard on my job in the day and my future at night. 

When I look back, I realize it wasn’t about God just providing; it was about me doing my part, day in and day out. He already knew that when I became a business owner, I would have no overseer and my work ethic had to be on point. Nothing happens without sacrifice. The key to it all is TIME MANAGEMENT!

Focus on the wins

If you own a business then that is a privilege, I would even say a honor.  If you are a owner then you know that it comes with its challenges and sometimes you win and sometimes you don’t. 

I go out to events probably every weekend. We have been in business for a while so we are pretty established. I can go to a conference and sell a 1,000 tees one day and then turn around and sell ten tees at the next.  I used to look at it as a failure and I would be so disappointed when that happened but I had to start looking at things differently. I mean, if I’m honest there were times when we went places and never sold anything. 

When you start viewing the journey differently then you develop the “lemons to lemonade” effect. I started printing cards with promo codes for first time visitors to the site and I used those cards to engage people differently. My hope was if they never heard of us before, they would seen our presentation, they felt our tees and they took home a card with them. I don’t just win sometimes with this approach, I win all the time. Winning is a mindset.