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We expect the seasons to change. We know that when the tree shows new leaves and the flowers bloom that spring is approaching. we understand by nature that this is a natural order of life. So why is it that it’s hard to understand that our personal life has its own seasons.

It’s easy for us to adapt to the good seasons when money is flowing and their nothing is going wrong. However, the boring and challenging seasons makes us very uncomfortable: I have personally wasted a lot of these seasons but when you see them come around again and again, you begin to realize that you keep missing something.

I want to encourage you to slow down in these seasons and take advantage of them. Wealth is built in these seasons, new character is built in these seasons, perserance and faith is also built in these seasons.



I absolutely love the word yet. Yet gives hope, yet tells me it’s possible. You have to be able to see it before it manifest. Imagination is important because if you can imagine it, it’s in your grasp.

I look at my goals and I know that if God gives me the grace to live, they will happen. Here is my thinking. Their are business’ I haven’t created yet . Their is real estate development I haven’t purchased yet. Their is design deals I haven’t made yet. Their are books I have written and published yet .

Keep your dreams in front of you and move towards them in faith. Plan and execute.


Mindset is Key

There were times that I took road trips to an event, having twenty dollars on my bank card and no where to stay. I would swipe my card for a dollar to fill up the tank, to get me there because I knew I had a few days to get that money in the account before the balance came out. I cannot lie, doing this made me feel in a way, like a failure. I had to remind myself of the things God put in my heart and stay faithful to the vision.  

The truth was that I had enough money to pay the vendor fee for the event and to print the tees. I knew if I could just get there; that we had a great product and people would love them. As the owner, I felt I had to be the one talking to them, so I could explain the meaning behind each tee. I believed that if I could get it to the people who I came in contact with, they would help get it to the rest of the world. 

My faith and mindset was and is big and my actions showed it. You have to have the will power to push past your circumstances no matter what it looks like. There will be times that you have to risk it all to see the vision come to past. 


Balance in business

Sometimes people don’t like to talk about Balance in Business, but it is important. First, I would say do what you do; because you love it. The fact that you love it, will sustain you during difficult times.

 For instance, I love touring. It’s fun and exciting. I get to meet new people, establish new connections, explore new cities, and grow the brand. Overall, it’s a privilege and an honor to travel.

The other side of touring is that, it’s nonstop, it tears the body down, being away from family, and it’s challenging to maintain a healthy diet. For example, a tour day go like this: travel through the night, get to the city, check into hotel, go to venue, set up, work all day, break down, eat, hotel and back on the road again to the next city.Fun, but difficult. There are two sides to every element in Business. 

My life before entrepreneurship

Before I became an entrepreneur, I was in restaurant management for 20 years. I had a meager salary of about 60,000; more if I received any bonuses. Yet, my restaurant made close to a million a year. The fact that I was running a million dollar restaurant should have showed me my potential. But I had doubts.

I believe it was due to not graduating from high school. Eventually, I did obtain my GED (General Education Diploma). I think I was plagued by believing, I could never own my own business. Because I lacked education; which made me feel that I was unqualified.  

 Then, I stumbled onto two amazing words . . . “Specialized Knowledge”.  Basically, you can concentrate your focus on exactly what you are trying to do and be an expert at it.

This is what entrepreneurship is to me. It’s becoming an expert in your field, putting the time and dedication in, owning your own time, doubling sales until you can afford employees and then more locations (expansion) if you desire. . . .

 pWhoever reads this, don’t let anything deter you. All Glory to God.



Arie (my granddaughter) allowed me to look beyond myself. It wasn’t until she was born, that I started thinking about my Legacy. My focus was always on building something unique, but not necessarily past my life time. 

I had real goals and ambitions before her, but now they are more centered. My wife and I had kids quite early, thus when I started my entrepreneurial journey, my kids were pretty much grown. 

One of my favorite Entrepreneurs is Sam Walton. I loved his grind and commitment to his vision, he was all a about customer service. In my opinion, his kids almost destroyed his legacy because of their lack of customer service. I think that’s partly due to them not being apart of the day to day grind. 

Arie is 4 years old right now. and I want her to see everything that goes on, I want her to grow up in it and appreciate the hard work that comes with entrepreneurship. And having her to see and witness the sacrifice it takes, the failures and how to push pass them, in order to succeed.