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Rethinking ‘Deserve’: A Perspective Shift on Self-Treats

Jun 10, 2024

When the idea of writing this blog first crossed my mind, I couldn’t help but reflect on the prevalent notion of people feeling entitled to treat themselves excessively. Don’t get me wrong; acknowledging and rewarding oneself for hard work is important. However, it’s crucial to examine the balance between self-indulgence and responsible financial choices.

The prevailing mindset of doing a little and treating ourselves big is a slippery slope. Instead of perpetuating the idea that we “deserve” to splurge on every whim, perhaps we should redefine the concept. What if deserving meant investing our hard-earned money where it can grow, rather than on fleeting indulgences?

Working hard is commendable, but it shouldn’t be a ticket to unchecked spending. While occasional treats are necessary, making it a habit might lead to unbalanced scales and financial instability. Let’s be mindful of our choices to avoid finding ourselves in a position of financial strain due to poor decisions.

It’s essential to be intentional about our actions, especially considering that the next generation is watching. The example we set, consciously or not, significantly influences their behaviors. If we consistently teach them that every effort deserves an immediate reward, what kind of financial habits are we instilling in them?

So, by all means, enjoy a nice dinner, indulge in a new piece of clothing, or treat yourself to a getaway. However, if these indulgences become the focus of your life, overshadowing responsibilities, it’s time to reassess. Being intentional with money means recognizing that what we truly deserve is financial growth, compound returns, and a solid understanding of financial literacy.

In conclusion, let’s shift our perspective on “deserving” from instant gratification to long-term financial wellness. This shift not only benefits us but also sets a responsible example for the generations to come. Thanks for your readership and here’s to making intentional and wise financial choices.