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Reflecting on 2023: Taking a moment to celebrate

Jan 5, 2024

As I pause to put words to this reflection, I admit that celebrating victories often slips through the cracks of our busy lives. The impulse to write this blog about the remarkable journey of 2023 flashed in my mind and, just as swiftly, vanished. Yet, here I am, grateful for the moment to capture it.

For those following my blogs, 2023 unfolded as a challenging yet profoundly transformative year. In the web of challenges, my faith and that of my wife deepened, marking a season of spiritual maturation spanning two decades of belief.

Amidst the trials, there are milestones that deserve a spotlight. Recording 52 episodes of my podcast stands out as a testament to the mindset and discipline that powered this accomplishment. Over the past 12 years as an entrepreneur, 2023 saw me creating more content than ever before – a feat that fills me with pride. Navigating new skill sets, particularly with limited eyesight, presented its own set of challenges, but the growth was undeniable.

Venturing into one-on-one coaching in entrepreneurship was a surprising turn of events. Beginning in December 2022, a year later, I find myself reflecting on the impactful journey with numerous clients. Their challenges became valuable lessons, guiding my own understanding of the intricate dynamics of business.

Personal victories also shine brightly. Maintaining a weight loss of 60 pounds, with a fluctuation between one to 10 pounds, is a testament to strengthened discipline in eating habits. Equally noteworthy is the joy of walking 3 to 5 miles a day, a testament to both physical and mental resilience.

However, the celebration extends beyond personal achievements. In the web of adversity, my wife and I discovered an unexpected strength, deepening our bond after 30 years together. This, perhaps, is the most profound victory of all.

Amidst the hustle and bustle, I invite you to join me in this moment of celebration. Our journeys are marathons, not sprints. Each step, each challenge, and each triumph contributes to the fabric of a life well-lived. May we find joy in acknowledging these moments, recognizing that in the ebb and flow of life, celebration is both a reward and a source of strength for the path ahead.