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Pressing Forward

May 6, 2024

Receiving the news that my retina was detaching in my left eye, leading to immediate surgery and the declaration of legal blindness, was a seismic moment. The prospect of never driving again weighed heavy, and the journey to process this unexpected reality was challenging for both me and my wife.

In the midst of grappling with this life-altering news, a divine prompting led me to embark on writing my book, “God Bless The Entrepreneur: The First Decade.” Armed with my iPhone and a determination to transcend visual limitations, I recorded voice notes, trusting that there was a purpose in this creative endeavor.

Living as a visually impaired individual in Los Angeles, the fast-pace metropolis, presented unique challenges. The city’s relentless pace demanded a deliberate slowing of my mind to navigate its streets. Frustration became a companion, yet the overarching desire to move forward persisted.

Amidst the complexities, I found grace in being able to accomplish various tasks despite visual impairment. I authored two unpublished books, maintained a consistent schedule of four weekly blogs, and continually embraced opportunities to learn new skills.

As my vision further declined, a visit to the eye doctor revealed the presence of cataracts in both eyes. A prior conversation echoed, where the doctor mentioned the role of oil in stimulating cataract growth. Acknowledging this reality, I scheduled an appointment with a surgeon to address the issue.

Life with visual impairment is a journey marked by resilience. Faced with the challenge of cataracts, I choose to press forward. Every day brings its share of frustrations, yet the determination to fulfill my calling propels me. We all confront circumstances, but within each challenge lies a divine calling that beckons us to endure.

This blog stands as a testament to the encouragement for others facing adversity: keep going, carry your burdens to the One who called you, and embrace the very purpose for which you were created.