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Jan 8, 2023

For quite sometime, doing things incrementally eluded me. Now, I have grown and embodied this concept in my life.

For instance, I have used this concept for writing a book and losing weight. They both were huge tasks, so I broke them down to make them manageable.

The incremental concepts I applied to writing my book was formatting it. First, I layered out the concept of the book. Secondly, I outlined the chapters. Next, I filled that up with content to each chapter until I finished the book. Lastly, I proceeded the cover layout, foreword and acknowledgments. Once the project was completed, it felt good to look at the finish work.

I did a similar incremental concept with losing weight. I started walking 10 minutes a day, then 20 minutes, and then 30 minutes. I replace fried chicken with baked chicken. I replace a bag of Doritos with almonds. I replace more veggies than carbs. I incrementally changed my eating habits to become the person that I wanted to be. I am healthier, and I am still working on small incremental things to become better.

My hope is to take the same concept to the financial world. I will use this to put $100 in the stock market until it is $100,000. This concept can be used in all areas of life. My hope is that someone can take this incremental concept, and put it to work in your life.