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Finding Beauty and Difficulty

Feb 9, 2024

In 2021, a doctor delivered the unexpected news—legal blindness. Shortly after, the journey led to the fast paced streets of Los Angeles. Navigating a new city without the convenience of driving became both a challenge and a revelation.

The cityscape of downtown Los Angeles became a canvas of newfound freedom. Walking, averaging 3 to 5 miles daily, brought a sense of liberation. Despite imperfect vision, the world was still visible. The mantra “make moves or make excuses” transformed from words to a lived reality.

Productivity soared in this new reality, surpassing previous achievements. The cracks in the pavement became a guide, the city’s rhythm a familiar heartbeat. However, challenges persisted, exemplified by a recent fall that took more than just a toll on the pavement.

Resilience shone through, even as AirPods Pro were sacrificed to the urban terrain. Falling wasn’t just a physical setback but a lesson in bouncing back, embodying the essence of resilience.

Discovering solace in a Starbucks with creative spaces, a personal haven emerged in the midst of the bustling city. Despite setbacks, the pursuit of creativity persisted. Walking down bike lanes, creatively blocking out the world, became a daily ritual.

Yet, even with adapted routines, unexpected obstacles arose. Colliding with a car bumper brought a momentary sense of hopelessness. However, in the face of adversity, a mindset shift became essential.

The journey home brought realization—scraped and bruised fingers, unnoticed until the sting of water on wounds. This momentary setback tested resilience but did not break it. Bandages applied, rest taken, and the morning after, readiness to face the world anew.

In these challenges lies an unwavering optimism—a commitment to finding beauty amidst difficulty. Life, no matter the circumstances, offers glimpses of positivity. This journey, marked by falls and rises, serves as an encouraging testament to the human spirit’s strength and ability to find beauty in every circumstance.