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Declaring and Becoming: Embracing God’s Call in the Unfamilia

Feb 2, 2024

In response to God’s calling, a journey unfolded, urging me to embrace roles seemingly unfamiliar—speaker, author, and coach. Initially, these aspirations felt distant from my perceived strengths.

A persistent urgency nudged me towards these seemingly incongruent paths. Have you ever felt a compelling force driving you toward something, yet the reasons remain shrouded in mystery? This was my paradoxical experience, guided by an unwavering connection with God’s Holy Spirit.

Years ago, a subtle notion prompted me to outline the chapters of a book. Although initially unsure, the idea resurfaced, pushing me to revisit my notes and enhance them with accumulated experiences. Despite being a novice in writing, I ventured into the realm of self-discovery, delving into the intricacies of book publishing.

Research unveiled the right and wrong ways to publish, the art of marketing, and the collaborators who could shape my thoughts. Amid this learning, a relentless inner voice echoed, asserting, “You are not an author.” Negative self-talk threatened to overshadow my newfound ambition. Yet, recalling God’s declaration, I consciously affirmed, “I am an author,” morphing my declaration into a lived reality.

Similarly, my journey into coaching bore witness to the transformative power of declaring and becoming. Mentoring young entrepreneurs in business, I already embodied coaching qualities but hesitated to adopt the title. Aligning with God’s vision, I stepped into coaching, securing clients and sustaining our livelihood during the transition.

While I have yet to be booked for speaking engagements as of this blog’s writing, I faithfully practice and declare my speaking abilities. Embracing the understanding that God’s calling is unique, the battle against self-sabotage rages on. It’s a call to click into action, to walk confidently in the roles div