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Beyond Small Talk: Unveiling the Power of Mindset

Mar 25, 2024

n the brief encounters that pepper our daily lives – be it in the grocery store, elevators, the gym, or the bustling streets of Los Angeles – the inevitable question arises: “What do you do?” It’s a societal norm, a conversation catalyst that opens the door to understanding each other’s pursuits. When faced with this query, I find myself juggling titles like speaker, author, podcaster, and serial entrepreneur. Yet, in the dance of small talk, I’ve realized the importance of articulating a succinct purpose – a mantra that encapsulates my mission. For me, it’s about helping people with mindset so that they can unlock their skill set.

Reflecting on my own journey, I recognize that mindset is the linchpin in our pursuit of any goal. It’s the foundational step that precedes skill development. If we don’t believe we can achieve something, the journey often stalls before it even begins. This realization birthed my mantra: “I help people with mindset so that they can get to the skill set.”

The journey unfolds through a series of steps, each building upon the other. Mindset lays the groundwork, affirmations solidify belief, discipline becomes the bridge, habits form the structure, and outcomes naturally follow. While the steps appear deceptively simple, the dedication required is profound. It’s a process I’ve embraced and one that underscores the pivotal role of mindset.

Delving deeper, I’ve come to understand the dichotomy between scarcity, fixed mindsets, and limited beliefs versus open, growth, and abundance mindsets. Identifying and transforming these mental frameworks is the key to unlocking our true potential in the skill set.

This blog is an invitation to ponder beyond the surface of small talk, to recognize the profound impact of mindset in shaping our paths. It serves as a reminder that our beliefs are the compass guiding us through the journey of skill development. So, the next time someone asks, “What do you do?” consider how you should answer.