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Grace 40: Embracing Adversity and Overcoming Challenges

The thought of writing this blog almost brings me to tears, not because of the vision loss in my right eye and the mere 40% sight left in my left eye, but because this journey is so much bigger than that. This is a tale of facing adversity head-on and emerging stronger, of finding grace in the most challenging moments of life.

In this season of my life, I’ve encountered numerous challenges. Yet, I’ve come to realize that adversity has a way of molding us into better versions of ourselves. It’s a journey we must navigate, not bypass, for it’s within these trials that we discover our true strength.

With my changing condition, I’ve had to adopt a new approach to life. It’s a bit like being released from jail and seeing freedom in an entirely new light. I might not fully comprehend the feeling of incarceration, but I do understand what it’s like to confront the brink of losing my vision and having to navigate life under such conditions.

My goal, in the face of adversity, is to be relentless in pursuing what I believe I’m called to do. Instead of settling for self-publishing or seeking a distributor, I founded my own publishing company. Despite the challenges in reading, I recorded the Audible version of my book myself, and this journey of innovation was nothing short of incredible.

Throughout this journey, I’ve come to recognize the extraordinary role that grace plays in our lives. It’s the divine strength that empowers us to accomplish seemingly impossible feats. Grace has been the driving force behind my ability to overcome obstacles and pursue my dreams.

In the summer of 2022, I took a significant leap by relocating to Los Angeles, California. It wasn’t the move that was afraid of, but the uncharted territory I had to conquer with limited vision. I moved to the heart of the city, determined not to rely on others for mobility. Learning the city, its sidewalks, streets, and building connections with people I could hardly see brought a new dimension to resilience.

During this transformative period, I’ve ventured into coaching in business and public speaking. I’ve produced more social media content in California than I have in the past five years. It’s a testament to what one can achieve with grace as a guiding force.

In the grand tapestry of life, grace is the thread that stitches our resilience, innovation, and relentless pursuit of growth. It’s a reminder not to take grace for granted but to embrace it and allow it to shape us into who we are destined to become. Let grace make you better, and let it empower you to fulfill your divine purpose.